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July 5, 2018


With today's greater emphasis on transparency, we at Flipstop would like to be honest and upfront about why we ask for the limited information we ask and how we use that information in order to serve you.  Here, we explain clearly the purpose of the information we request.


Mobile App Registration Questions --

Why We Ask and What We Do With the Information


When first registering for an account to install and use the Flipstop mobile app, we ask for a limited amount of information.  The following explains why we ask for this information and how we use it.


Country:  Flipstop will be available in several countries in the near future.  We ask for your country so we can relay pertinent information to you based on the country where you will mainly be using the app.


Zip Code:  We ask for your zip code so we can understand the geographical distribution of Flipstop users.  This is a very broad and personally non-identifying data point.  As a public service tool in case of the need to send communications during a time of emergency or catastrophe in certain areas where Flipstop users may be, we can do so based on zip code profiles.


Gender:  As a parallel of our Filipino culture’s use of respectful salutations and terms of endearment, the app at times refers to the user as ‘Ate’ or ‘Kuya’ based on the gender you select to provide a personalized experience.


Birthday:  To comply with COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), we ask the age of the user to ensure no one under the age of 13 is creating a user account on Flipstop.  You may also receive birthday greetings from Flipstop on your special day.


First Name:  The app greets you by name each time you launch it as a manner of a personalized experience when using Flipstop.


Email Address:  Your email address serves as your log-in identifier.  We use it to send verification to ensure you’ve entered your email address correctly.  We also send you timely communications related to your account via email, including any updates to our Terms of Service, End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.


Password:  The password you create for your Flipstop account is encrypted and cannot be seen or accessed by anyone but you.


Profile Photo:  Your Friends list on Flipstop contains no names and is comprised only of your friends’ uploaded profile photos.  We ask you upload a profile photo or avatar so that your friends can have a way to identify you in their Friends list when chatting or sharing tiles on the app.


Your Friends' Email Addresses:  When you add a friend to your Friends list on Flipstop for the purposes of chatting with them or sharing business tiles with them, you add them by sending them a friend request via email.  Note that we do not ask for anyone's phone numbers (including yours) or ask for general access to your phone's contact list.  We do not send emails to your friends based on the email addresses you've invited them with.


GPS Location:  Flipstop’s main function is to show you the nearest businesses based on your current location.  For the app to function properly, and to serve its function to you, it needs to be aware of your location.  On iOS devices under the Location Services section in Privacy Settings, you have the option to allow the sharing of your location with Flipstop “While Using the App”, “Always”, or “Never”.


>> Setting your iOS device to “While Using the App” will allow the app to show you businesses nearby, but will disable Bucket List alerts and other GPS-based push notifications when you’ve quit out of the app.  Setting your iOS device to “Always” will always allow your Bucket List alerts and other GPS-based push notifications to come through even when you’re not using the app.  Selecting “Never” may prohibit the app from showing you any businesses.


For your privacy, Flipstop does NOT store your GPS or location information as you use the app.



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